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Join the ANBF family and be part of a movement redefining natural bodybuilding in America. Embrace the opportunity to grow, compete, and connect with like-minded athletes and enthusiasts who share your passion for clean, competitive sportsmanship. 

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Gear up to experience the peak of natural bodybuilding with ANBF. See extraordinary athletes demonstrate their commitment and skill on our stages. Our events are more than competitions; they are a celebration of the integrity and endurance of natural athletes.

Banned Substances

We uphold the highest standards in natural bodybuilding by enforcing strict banned substances regulations, in line with WADA guidelines. Our commitment to a drug-free competitive environment is unwavering, with a stringent requirement for athletes to be drug-free for at least 5 years. 

About Us

Welcome to ANBF, the American Natural Bodybuilding Federation. Founded in 2013 by Kent Bierly, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing natural bodybuilding in America with a commitment to integrity, transparency, and fair competition. Centered around American athletes, we provide a platform that showcases their dedication and supports their growth. Our federation is rooted in community-driven initiatives, educational programs, and collaborative opportunities, culminating in our premier events. Join us in shaping a future where natural fitness thrives, underpinned by the spirit of clean, competitive sportsmanship.

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Join us at ANBF in pioneering a new era for natural bodybuilding.  Together, we’ll elevate natural bodybuilding to new heights, celebrating clean competition and the power of human potential. Be part of this vibrant journey with ANBF. 

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